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Features Of New Small Peanut Oil Press

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 07 / 12



New small peanut oil press to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, can be seen from the name on the characteristics of small hand-press oil press equipment in recent years, people are increasingly to the fully automated direction, but also gradually Learned that only in the oil gradually realized the energy saving and environmental protection, to achieve automation, can the maximum guarantee that people have to buy people like the oil extraction equipment.

Compared to the concept of automatic for everyone to know the product should have the characteristics of the new type is in the current use of the latest oil press equipment, all new models, including the use of the production technology are used in the latest, In the market, the most common production process of oil press equipment is spiral and hydraulic, so the production process is more advanced at present, the use of these press technology to ensure the most primitive oil material nutrients, but also The maximum rate of oil can guarantee a high, and this device can be a machine, better achieve a high degree of utilization of resources, a device can be used for a variety of materials, press, to ensure that when the press Materials, the most suitable temperature, it can achieve a multi-purpose machine.

The use of the screw press means that the equipment used in the basic compression process is to spiral as the main principle for the production of dynamics, of course, this is so far all the more large-scale oil extraction equipment used in the basic principles And the production process, we must understand this, the new equipment there is another most important is the energy-saving, in the original production process to ensure that the device uses the lowest power consumption, the use of new technologies to ensure that future power consumption Is a fraction of the original equipment used to save more than normal equipment, electricity, and create more efficiency.

Environmental protection and energy saving is a new era, press the oil equipment to have the most common features, only that the equipment can guarantee these two points will have more features on the basis of such equipment will have better in the market Development, would like to know more relevant information, you can always contact our manufacturers. For the popularity of this new small peanut oil press, we decide to increase the production line and promote to oversea market.