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In the Edible of corn germ oil press need to pay attention to matters

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2016 / 12 / 05

 corn oil press machine

corn oil press machine  leaching of corn germ oil refining method, CO2 supercritical fluid extraction of corn germ oil, as long as the corn embryo fresh, peroxide value and acid value is low, the raw material with good, after supercritical CO2 extraction from corn germ oil, natural vitamins E content, sedimentation, filtration to remove mechanical impurities, the other indicators meet the requirements of edible oil indicators, can be used as oil product packaging. If the moisture content is high, it can be achieved by drying. Here the crude oil refining mainly corn oil refining focus on elaboration.

Corn oil must go through precipitation, filtration, hydration, deodorization and other processes. Sometimes also need to further refining, such as alkali refining, bleaching, dewaxing and removal of pollutants. In particular, when there is pollution, be sure to go through treatment, so as to avoid harmful.corn oil press machine  is quite popular in recent years, equipment, it is because health-conscious consumers will look into the corn germ oil, resulting in increased market demand for corn germ oil. Our research found that corn germ oil with a lot of nutrients, not only contains several times higher than the other fat, vitamin E, also rich in phospholipids and unsaturated fatty acids, in addition, the corn germ oil absorption by the body Degree of more than 98%. Corn germ oil so good, in the consumption of the oil when the need to pay attention to what?

1, corn germ oil heated time should not be too long, the temperature should not be too high. Once the oil appears in the smoke, then the corn germ oil in the destruction of phosphoric acid. Corn oil refining equipment in the production must be strictly controlled temperature, corn germ oil contained in the free fatty acids and phospholipids unstable, high-temperature damage to the nutritional content of oil.

2, corn oil press machine  production of corn germ oil can not be reused, that can not be used for fried food, one temperature is too high, the second is corn germ oil instability, a cold one can easily lead to deterioration of fat rancidity.

3, edible oil refining equipment in the production of oil, be careful not to burn food, charred not only destroyed the nutrients in corn oil, and even produce harmful substances, can cause liver and skin lesions.

4, corn oil press machine  production of corn oil storage conditions strictly, pay attention to stay away from heat, closed after use in a timely manner to reduce contact with oxygen, placed in a cool dry place. Even so, oil machinery production of corn germ oil shelf life is about 1 month, so if fewer people at home, then please buy a small package of corn germ oil.